3 - Notebook Jazz

I have been in my sketchbook a lot lately, to coral old thoughts and Ideas and to add in new ones. It's healthy for me to clear my mind and get things out on paper regularly, and my sketchbook is my favorite place to do that.  

I worked at a summer camp in Black Mountain, NC for several summers, and everywhere I went the sketchbook was in hand. All the time people would ask me if they could look through my pages and check out my sketches, and almost every time they would be surprised at how much more they understood me afterwords and how many crazy ideas, thoughts, and inspirations I had inside.

That to say, it was those summers back in North Carolina were when I realized the value of clearing my head on paper and taking in the big/little inspirations around me. My sketchbook has slowly evolved into an extension of myself, and when I or anyone else look back through the pages they get a fresh and unique perspective of me. My sketchbook is a look into my life and a display of what inspires me. It's my voice, its authentic, and its real. 

Just my thoughts, thanks for listening. 





2 - B-Roll

Without even realizing it I have been using the Snapchat and Instagram stories as a way to record my creative ideas. This is a quick edit I put together several weeks back that started with a simple story post on Snapchat. 

1 - Paper Trail

I am a big fan of Vimeo. It is a place that I go to for inspiration and genuine storytelling on a regular basis. In fact, I loved it so much that I started creating some spicy content of my own for my 3 followers to watch whenever they want. Check out the profile here.